The IZI-Link manager is a windows based  software program that is used for commissioning and configuring IZI-Link enabled LED fixtures, drivers and interfaces. When connected with the IZI-Link programmer cable, the entire connected IZI-Link system will be visible where settings such as DMX-512 Address, User modes, current and voltage configurations can be adjusted within the program. Aside from configurations, the system can be monitored and/or upgraded.


  • IZI-Link Software
  • Configuration & Commisioning options
  • Monitoring
  • Upgrade option

Gerealiseerde projecten

Het unieke, modulaire concept van LED producten geeft lichtdesigners en lichtarchitecten een ongekende flexibiliteit in de invulling van ieder project. Samen met onze opdrachtgevers hebben wij de volgende uitdagende projecten gerealiseerd.



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